Friday, 26 September 2014

The nights are drawing in

Wow the nights are drawing in fast now. Temperature has also dropped too meaning out come my chunky knits and early nights in my snug Jim jams!! 

I've some new fishes in my kitchen tank. I now have Bosmanis Rainbow fish and young Dwarf Blue rainbow fish. I am delighted with their characters and beautiful colours. What do you think?

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Lavender Bags Tutorial

This tutorial is to make these fantastic lavender bags.

To make these lavender bags you will need:
1. Some pretty fabric.
2. Some matching ribbon.
3. Dress making pins.
4. Dressmakers chalk or air erasable pen.
5. A ruler.
6. Scissors
7. Some dried lavender flowers.
8. Sewing machine or needle and thread to hand sew.

Step 1. Iron your fabric.

Step 2. Measure and mark out your squares. For these I measured out 13cm square. Measure at several points and mark with a dot, then join the dots with a line to cut along.

Step 3. Cut out your squares.

4. Cut your ribbon 20cm long.

Now we are ready to start pinning together all the pieces for sewing.

Step 5. Fold the ribbon so that it will hang nicely. 

Step 6. Pin your ribbon together, away from the stich line. This will make it easier to position and sew straight. 

Step 7. Place your first square, patterned side up. Measure half way (where you will centre the ribbon) and mark.

Step 8. Line up the ribbon and place the next square on top so that the patterns are facing each other. 

Step 9. Pin it all together. The more pins you put in equals the less the fabric will move when you stitch.

Step 10. We are now going to sew up our bags on 3 sides, on the 4th side (bottom/base of our bag) we need to leave an unseen gap of 6-8cm.

Step 11. We need to tun our bag inside (right side) out. Pull the ribbon out first, take care remembering that there is a pin holding the ribbon straight. Remove the pin and continue to turn the bag inside out.

Step 12. The corners will need poking out. For this I use the capped end of a dressmakers pencil.

Step 13. Fill the bag about 1/3 full of dried lavender.

Step 14. Pin together the opening.

Step 15. Hand stitch closed.

These make a fantastic gift and they have an added bonus that the lavender repels moths. With the addition of the ribbon makes these bags versatile in that they can be used in drawers or hung in the wardrobe.  I like to put mine on my bedside stand as I find the scent of lavender soothing.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have made any lavender bags a yourself then please share your pictures. 


Friday, 4 July 2014

Another beaut

I think I have a problem! Browsing through EBay I stumbled across this Stunning 1914 Jones Sewing machine for forty pounds!! I couldn't resist her!! No more words, only pictures!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Perfume blending a fab day out

One of my presents for my 30th was a Buyagift gift card for blending your own perfume. I entered my details into the Buyagift website and then it gives you the details of a branch near you that offers the blending experience. For me the nearest was Ki Beauty in Worcester. 

We booked the experience on a Saturday and I brought along my two sisters. My youngest sister wasn't to enthusiastic about the whole experience. We made a day of it shopping, lunch and a quick stop at the Cathedral.

At Ki Beauty we were greeted by Ellie who guided us through the experience.  Basically you sniff lots of  dipped paper scents and divide them into a Yes, Maybe or No pile. To cleanse your nose you sniff coffee beans. At the end you fan the yes scents together chopping and changing until you find your perfume. I opted for a lovely floral scent and named it Thirty after my birthday!! 

We had a great time and even the youngest sister loved it.  It's just so different. I paid a little extra in order to have a lovely bottle. 

It's not a long lasting scent like the commercially available branded perfumes but lasts till lunch. It's such a lovely scent that I'm just chuffed to bits.  If you get the opportunity then I highly recomend this experience.

My bargain finds

I was actually browsing Gumtree for fabrics when I found a listing for two singer sewing machines for £30!! They were from a house clearance. They need tlc and cleaning up but unbelievably they both work!! 

The first one I'm currently cleaning up is a 1939 electric machine made at the Singer factory in Scotland.  She is beautiful and has obviously been well used as most of her decals have worn. 

To clean her up I've started with the body. For this I washed her with some washing up liquid, dried her quickly.  I then used Tcut on her black bits which has worked in removing the yellow dirt which covers her and she  now gleams.

Around the decals I carefully scraped the dirt off using a tooth scraper. I didn't want to silver or scrape away the decals so this was a slow and painful process.

This is here today after a good clean. She still needs more work but I'll probably use a car wax on her or a clear protective coat when complete. I'm planning to use her and don't want to wear away her beautiful decals anymore than neccesary.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

A lot going on but little in the way of crafting

I am full of cold, (get the violins) I think it is bordering on manflu. Apart from this little bit of cross stitching, I haven't done any crafting.

There have been some exciting developments at work taking up my time and resources. I have applied to join the engineering council as an EngTech. It has included working with a Chartered engineer to assertain whether I am working to that level. I have to do things the non standard route as Engineering was a career I got into by accident so I don't have any exemplifying accreditation so or degrees. It takes another 6 weeks to find out if I am successful so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

How does our garden grow

All this nice weather is making our garden really marvellous this year. Here is some photos of my favourites:

1. Yippee eye yay our buds have opened and don't the roses look beautiful!!

2. This is attracting so many butterflies and bees!! 

3. Not our garden but some beautiful orange poppies!! Just a stunning wildlife garden!


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